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(free) 03:51


released January 10, 2012

Produced by GGGarth (Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers) & Ben Kaplan (Shakira, Hedley)

Mixed by Randy Staub (U2, Metallica)

Mastered by Alan Yoshida (Paul McCartney, Miles Davis)



all rights reserved


THE LEFT Vancouver, British Columbia

It may be cliché but the band is inspired by greats like the Beatles and Coldplay. Their approach to songwriting is ultimately the melody must be catchy and memorable for every song. The songs feature stalwart group vocals and four-part harmonies. The jangly pop sound expands on universal themes of romance lost and found, with ear-pleasing turns of phrase that everyone can relate to
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Track Name: Love Don't Work
you’re a muscle that can’t relax the neurological pathways won’t react you’re in a brain that can’t forget the past

you’re a firewall that can’t be hacked the server and your hard drive are unattached you’re a computer that can’t delete the past

what should you do when you’re love don’t work what should you do when love don’t work every time I try to fix it just gets worse what should you do when love don’t

work you’re a decision based on little fact a handshake made with no contract and you’re a function that can’t complete the task

you’re a grandfather clock with a missing weight a pocket watch that always breaks you’re a calendar with no sequential dates

change the way you feel so you won’t let her down you’re heart might eventually come around
Track Name: Cellophane
when we were young remember we ran away from home ran through my mind like a slide and picture show we used to joke make them laugh and forget a while can’t you recall how we used to smile through the tall grass he hears a voice he knows it’s calling him back calling him home into the moonlight he walks alone cause she forgot him long ago cellophane falls and the rain hides everyone phone call and it all comes undone I’ve been away since a long long time ago I can’t seem to find my way home you’re holding my heart like a tree that holds on to every leaf we were too young to know that time would change everything on top of your roof we la y on our backs and count the stars back to when we never thought we ever grow apart in the trees that we used to climb on the lake where we used to dive up on the roof where we used to lie you told me that you love me
Track Name: When Our Hearts Agree
every time you look away you’ll find me over your shoulder again I can’t wait for this bank to break cause I need you like money to spend even in the summer it’s safe to say I’ll follow you into the rain picking up the pieces looking for some kind of reason of why you left in the first place it’s a love song you can hear it through the trees amongst all the figs and leaves it’s a love song I can feel it when she breathes and my heart and hers agree when your heart and my heart agree when your heart and my heart make a connection go the same direction show some affection again battle through watching you live in a kissing booth and once I’m done line up again it’s a glorified story line destined to die but you gotta try it over again if you can let a man trade his heart for yours he’ll never trade it again
Track Name: I'll Carry You
slow wandering the city blocks I know you by the way you walk and white knuckled searching the atmosphere but I won’t find you cause you’re not here I’ll be falling through the cracks for you and always coming back to pull you through if the rain starts to fall you’ll be safe in my arms I’ll carry you and the waves when they crash you’ll be safe on my back I’ll carry you leaves blowing like dynamite thieves stealing my appetite everything I see is in black and white but I won’ find you cause you’re not here you’re never here the loneliest souls usually fall out where you’re heart was there’s a hole now the only way out when you’re lost and low is to find your heart or let your love go
Track Name: Better Off This Way
I wrote this song in case you ever left me I could play us back to that place and if I can’t explain why I’m sorry please believe I can change we’re better off this way and I know it’s hard still I need you to stay we’re better off this way well I still decide to leave so don’t get angry I won’t remember you that way once I realize that you would never change I guess that’s when I started pushing you away we’re better off this way and I know it hurts and I’m sorry to say we’re better off this way
Track Name: Goodbye
the catholic’s made a stain glass window for their church I’d never seen such beauty glorify His birth the sun first shone through it a thousand years before it was a shame to see it shattered on the floor when you run away do you mean to say goodbye so long I tried you’re gone and I never felt like this in a thousand tries I missed when you said goodbye so long astronomers can only dream of such a chance twenty-four stars and seven moons line up to dance the constellation comes once every thousand years tonight at ten o’clock but you forgot to be here a small crack in your heart grows wider a small voice in you’re ear grows louder it tells you’re heart to bend but when you try it breaks again
Track Name: Pretty Things
when life and love are torn apart when happy endings fail to start life goes off and on I feel you here even when you’re gone every time I hear a beatles song all you need is love pretty rings and pretty things you left behind all you’re friends and family you left behind two minds with a single thought three short years were all we got life goes off and on and now you’ve left and I’m alone when life’s down hill you’re a rolling stone you can’t always get what you want feels like the sunshine is gone from your face and the moment you feel it has gone away without any warning she said I’d die before I’d ever break your heart she took my hand and told me dear til death due us part
Track Name: All The Good
the further we fall asleep in a dream the closer the darkness is than it seems the nearer we come to discovering ourselves the closer we are to become something else yeah don’t worry about when I disappear cause all of my efforts will become clear don’t hurry when I fall the time is near don’t worry about me don’t worry when you die all the bad that you’ve done no one knows when you die all the good that you’ve done will be exposed people search high and low for themselves tracking the scent like a dog that can’t smell constantly searching for what you adore and leaving behind what you’re striving towards
Track Name: Summer's Over
all the leaves are turning brown someday the pretty girls are leaving town and I’m out of breath from asking you to stat so wait for me to go on my own everyone’s here but you still feel alone I’ll stand by til you decide to stay now you leave cause the summer’s over back to work in minnesota think of me when the snow is falling down and the leaves are turning brown all the snow is falling down some day I’ll pick my bags and leave this town cause absence makes the fond heart wander away if the sun refuse to shine all we have is tonight
Track Name: Everything I Own
you sheltered me from harm you kept me warm you gave my life to me you set me free the finest years I ever knew were all the years I had with you I would give anything I own I’d give up my life my heart my home I would give everything I own just to have you back again you taught me how to love what it’s of you never said too much but still showed the way and I learned from watching you nobody else can ever know the part of me that can’t let go is there someone you know you’re loving them so but taking all for granted you may lose the one day someone takes them away and they don’t hear the words you long to say
Track Name: Last Cigarette
there’s something different bout the way she offends me she says she’s kidding when she really means it there’s something different bout the way she pretends she’s always smoking her last cigarette everybody wants you I breath you in and chase you don’t when no ones around but nobody needs you remembering back to when you sold out all of our friends all of us can see how you always stress me out when you should calm me down everybody wants you I stand in the cold as the fire gets old you said you’d be quitting but nobody needs you that’s when I wished that we’d made a bet cause I would be winning all of us can see how you always stress me out when you should calm me down I wish the sky would fall and crash into the sea we’d be together finally but she’s a helicopter and I’m a submarine so I guess this was never meant to be she’s smokin’